Rules of Operation for treatments

About Your Health

Please inform us about any health conditions, as, for example high blood pressure, allergies, pregnancy, etc. (please fill in the corresponding questionnaire). The consumption of alcohol before and during your treatments is prohibited.



Upon arrival at Noufaro Spa, you will be given a bathrobe and disposable slippers. Before your treatment, please remove your jewellery and clothes except your underwear (in the locker rooms). For some treatments, please buy disposable underwear.


Security of personal belongings

Please lock your belongings in the locker in the locker room. It is recommended that you leave your valuables in the safe of your room. The hotel management is not responsible for any loss or damage to your belongings.


Arrival Time

Please be at the front desk of the Spa 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, to ensure you have the appropriate preparation time. If you are delayed, this may reduce the time you have available for the treatment.


Cancellation Policy

The treatments selected are planned specifically for you. For cancellations, please notify us at least 4 hours before your scheduled appointment; otherwise you will be charged with 50% of the total cost.



Individuals under 16 years old are allowed to visit the indoor swimming pool daily from 0900 – 1300, always under adult supervision.