Relaxing Massage     50 minutes / 30 minutes
Soothing massage to relieve fatigue and stress. Relieves tension, relaxing body and mind.

Therapeutic Massage     50 minutes / 30 minutes
In order to relax and relieve muscle strain and stress, this massage applies pressure rhythmically, intensely exercising the whole body. The above massage can be customised to your personal needs.

Therapeutic back & neck Massage     30 minutes
Helps to relieve tension, stress and aching muscles. Can be combined with facial treatments for perfect relaxation.

Reflexology     50 minutes
Applies pressure to specific points on the feet to release stress and tension. It helps to improve circulation and stimulate the natural sense of balance.

Tibetan Massage     30 minutes
Traditional massage dating back centuries, using hot pouches on the body's energy points. Combined with natural essential oils, selected exclusively for you!

Aromatherapy     50 minutes / 30 minutes
A full body treatment using essential oils for physical and spiritual well-being. Select the oils that suit you and enjoy one of the best anti-stress treatments.

LIMNEON TIME FOR COUPLES: You can enjoy all of the above massages in the Noufaro Spa SPA suite and share this unique experience with your loved one.

Hotstones Massage     60 minutes
A massage for ultimate relaxation. Hot volcanic stones and essential oils are applied to the body in a way that relieves muscle aches and absorbs tension, offering a more balanced flow of energy.

Shiatsu     60 minutes
Ancient Japanese healing technique. Applies pressure and moves the body, creating tension and improving circulation.