Facial Treatments

Immediate Restoration     60 minutes
This special treatment offers the skin nutrients suitable for the regeneration of cells. The combination of a Direct regeneration mask with the beneficial properties of lavender and chamomile combat the signs of ageing!

Deep Hydrating Treatment (for dry skin)     60 minutes
Deep hydrating treatment with a strong combination of softening ingredients, designed to address the signs of dryness. It consists of three stages: deep hydration, relaxation, rejuvenation, combining the beneficial properties of lavender and chamomile.

Cleansing treatment (for oily and combination skin)     60 minutes
Pure natural ingredients reduce the appearance of gloss to reveal beautiful skin that glows with health. The ideal combination of herbal ingredients (citrus and chamomile) with unique facial massage techniques deeply cleanse the skin and offer a healthy appearance.

Jurlique (for sensitive skin)     60 minutes
Relaxing massage movements combined with the beneficial properties of calendula, chamomile and jojoba soothe and comfort delicate sensitive skin, reducing redness.

Anti-stress treatment (for normal skin)     60 minutes
The refreshing, detoxifying effect of the treatment leaves the skin absolutely radiant. The beneficial ingredients and the aroma of rose essential oil ensure the desired balanced hydration of the skin.

Biodynamic beauty     60 minutes
Anti-ageing treatment designed to stimulate tightening and enhance cell renewal. It stimulates synthesis of collagen and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, thanks to the beneficial properties of vitamin E (tocopherol). It includes intensive care for the area of the face, eyes, neck and décolleté.

Oxygen therapy with honey     50 minutes
Help your face regain its lost freshness! The face is cleansed deeply with a soft honey and sugar peeling scrub, while the beneficial massage with acacia honey deeply hydrates the skin.

Deep cleansing     75 minutes
Deep cleansing treatment with steam that clears the skin. Leaves skin smooth, soft and luminous.

Exclusively for Men     50 minutes
Facial treatment, tailored to the needs of male skin. Moisturises and accelerates skin regeneration.