Body Treatments

Full Body Exfoliation     30 minutes
A carefully combined mixture of essential oils and salt helps remove dead cells from the skin and improve its texture. Recommended before any body treatment.
>> You can also try the body exfoliation for sensitive skin.

Detoxifying Clay Mask     60 minutes
Full-body treatment with organic Dead Sea mud, enriched with minerals and clay. Absorbs muscle tension and strengthens the body's immune system.

Chocolate therapy     50 minutes
This delectable chocolate treatment is designed to deeply hydrate the skin. In parallel, its aroma lifts your mood.

Tribal body treatment     1 hour and 15 minutes
Body treatment for deep hydration, which takes you on a journey with the help of ancient beauty recipes. A traditional recipe using exfoliative coffee beans, a body wrap with moisturising wax and massage with monoi balm. Offers glow, elasticity and a more youthful body.

Treatment with Hot Herbal Oils     60 minutes
Body treatment with potent herbal oils, herbs, antioxidants and luxurious aromatherapy oils to restore moisture, nourish and replenish the skin.

Traveller's Treatment     60 minutes
The ultimate rejuvenating facial and body treatment that promotes total relaxation, soothing the stress of travel.
As your skin absorbs the beneficial herbal extracts, your body will glow with health and intense nourishment, acquiring a pleasant feeling of total renewal.

Exclusively for Men     50 minutes
Gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells and intensive moisturising body treatment